PrimoChill CTR (Compression Tube Reservoir) System Review

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The enthusiast market for ‘Liquid Cooled’ computers has been in danger of stagnating this last year, with various attempts to bolster enthusiasm failing miserably on the side-lines such; as the Thermaltake Chaser MK1 LCS system and the original ‘Zalman Rocket. However a few companies have tried to turn this declining trend around, such as Koolance, EKWB, E22 and now we can add another contender to this crown and that being Primochill.


The writer of this article is getting rather jaded, with little progress and creativity currently employed by the enthusiast market today and with more of the so-called ‘innovations’ being a small improvement based upon an existing design.

Enter Primochill; now we all have heard of this company as they have produced coolant fluids for a long time, but now it seems that they have branched out into flow meters, the new dyes and fluids and compression fittings. However in this review we ill not be speaking of the above products, rather that of the CTR Compression Tube Reservoir.

Company Background

PrimoChill has been providing innovative cooling solutions and modifications to the masses since 2001. A family owned and operated company based in Rio Rancho, NM USA takes pride in continuous development and correspondence within the community, in order to keep up with the ever changing world of computer modifications. Whether it be tubing, fluids, dyes, or reservoirs, trust in the PrimoChill name sold all over the planet. Some of our earliest accolades were centered around our “Pre-Built” watercooling cases which the likes had not been or even seen since.

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Without further ado let us move on to covering the reservoir itself.
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