Netbook Cooler Shootout

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In the age of the netbook, we have striven for smaller lighter notebooks, though in this quest some manufacturers have chosen to omit cooling systems inside their systems and are relying on the Atoms CPU low thermal load. One lovely example we have here is Dell’s Inspirion Mini 10v (1011). The cooling system employed in this netbook is a thermal pad on the chipset and CPU attached to the keyboard! This makes a very poor cooling solution, and can make typing uncomfortable when hot. Thus, the laptop if kept within specification cannot be used when the air temp is more than 30oC. This could be a problem in hotter climates than Britain.

Company Background

Step in Coolermaster and Choiix. Coolermaster is most well-known for its popular HAF, Cosmos and Storm series of cases as well as other cooling products. From them today we have not one but two notebook coolers. One is passive and the other is active. Choiix is a less well known company but actually is a subsidiary of Coolermaster aimed at “offering a diversity of digital lifestyle products, with joyful, colourful, user-friendly and touching characteristics. Every simple yet quality design is for people who wish to create their own unique chic lifestyle.”

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