Netbook Cooler Shootout

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Finally we are looking at the Coolermaster NotePal U1. This cooler is very simple and is more of an ergonomic stand. Here are the specifications off the box.

Material Aluminum and Rubber
Dimensions 269x210x53mm
Weight 265g
Compatibility 7”-12”
CM U1 Front

CM U1 Front

The cooler is made of brushed aluminum and has rubber grips, the main gripe is these grips are not secured all around the edges and can be easily peeled back; this for me detracts from the overall quality. However the rest of the cooler is great; sturdy, light and simple.

CM U1 Rubber Peel

CM U1 Rubber Peel

The principal behind this cooler is allowing greater airflow around the netbook and thus lowering temperatures. The cooler also functions as a hardened shell while is transit as the netbook slots under the cooler. There is not much to say about this cooler so let’s move on to the results to see which keeps the laptop cooler.

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