Topower Black-X DDR3 1600Mhz Memory Review

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As the demand for enthusiast level computing products continues to grow it seems everyone is jumping in to the game. Topower is no exception with their recent addition of enthusiast level memory and power supply products. Today we will be looking at a DDR3 1600Mhz 2X4Gb kit from their Black-X series of memory (Part#BD316008GK16). Touted by Topower as being suitable for the gaming market, the budding enthusiasts, and multimedia graphic industries we will take it for a spin and see if it lives up to it’s billing.

About Topower

“Topower Products are dedicated to bringing you the latest technology in power supplies and hardwares as it becomes available and to offer a variety of solutions to combat the growing concern of energy efficiency and system stability.

At Topower we continually strive for success and quality products. To improve and develop a wide range of computer products, we have invested heavily in our quality manufacturing process and Research & Development.

Our objective is to provide top quality products for national distributors as well as for ODM and OEM clients. Our focus is to build on the current success of Topower brand so that our brand is recognized world wide as a provider of top quality computing solutions. We will continue to work to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and share the knowledge of our experts – Topower “Dare to be different”

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