Havit Professional Gaming Keyboard Review

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Havit Gaming Keyboard

Havit has recently released a brand new programmable gaming keyboard- namely the HV-KB346L gaming keyboard. This is also known as the Havit Lammergeier- as named by fan’s on their social media page’s.

The above comes fully loaded with great features such as;  it’s four backlit zones ( five if you include the logo), 13  programmable macro keys,  profile keys and lastly anti ghosting to help keep you on top of your game. 

Company Background 


“After being liberated from the shackles of machines by advancing technology, weary people finally get time to pursue their ideal life – this is what Thoreau said in his masterpiece Walden.

In the field of PC and mobile internet, HAVIT has a more interesting way for everyone to communicate with others as well as himself. Hats off to the brilliant creators in HAVIT who integrate technology with art and intelligence through global cooperation, for ensuring exceptional visual, listening and touch experience been achieved to make our life more free

Now the enterprise has numerous loyal users in more than 160 countries. Having its trademark registered in over 60 nations, HAVIT has become a world-known brand in fashion and techniques. With various platforms such as China Import and Export Fair, GITEX Dubai, CeBIT Germany, CES/ASD America and UK’s NEC Display,the company has been making achievements in its global business and received good reputation among customers. It is attempting to fulfill each client’s ideal of perfection with unremitting effort.

HAVIT, taking “ENJOY WHAT I HAVE” as its motto, is seeking after a wealthy future and enjoying today with contented mind. We, at HAVIT, are looking forward to sharing the insight with colleagues and friends all over the world.”


Welcome to the future of electronics- a future not being made in a factory, but within the ambitions of people just like you, for you.



 “Teach” Your Keyboard To Do Your Moves

With the help of the 13 programmable macro keys, you can merge your in-game short cuts into one macro key, and execute them all just by pressing one key.

Define Your Own Color

The backlights of each of the 4 separate keyboard areas are programmable, and can be switched by pressing FN + F9/F10/F11/F12.

Two Gaming Profiles Switch

Switch between two completely different gaming profiles, using the M1 and M2 keys for unprecedented gaming freedom.

Ultra-quiet Experience

With the ultra-quiet Havit gaming keyboard that barely make a sound, you can fully enjoy the game and never have to worry about waking up your family members when gaming at night. This is due to the old membrane (rubber domes) being utilised within the product.


• Connectivity: Gold, high-powered USB
• Cord Length: 1.8 m/70.87 inches
• Power Supply Voltage: +5V+/ -0.5V
• Power Consumption: 300mA MAX
• Keyboard Layout: 5 key zones (119 keys)
• Standard Keys: 104
• Programmable Keys: 13

Compatible with Windows Vista Windows 7 and Windows 10 (We have tested the keyboard and software on the three operating systems mentioned)


Not compatible with Mac OS




outer sleeve Back Sleeve

The amount of detail that has been put into the design on the outer sleeve is outstanding when we think about how cost effective this Lammergeier Gaming Keyboard actually is. It is priced (at the moment ) with a promotion sale and as such we did not expect quality  packaging as this is normally one of the first things to suffer, which can be a shame as first look is what gets the end-users interested in a product. If we had seen this package on a shelf in the shop then it would catch the eye enough to spike our interest in to investigating the product by picking up the package for a closer look.

IMG_0602 (1024x683)

Upon removing the outer sleeve a box with the Magic Eagle logo in the centre revealed itself, which after seeing the design on the outer sleeve ( which most of us lose ) we felt a little disappointed. The packaging went from eye candy down to a black box with a little logo ( stop thinking about Batman when looking at the logo ) in the middle,  maybe a bigger logo or the HAVIT brand name on the box would make the inner box stand out a little more like the outer sleeve did on the shelf.

The box which has the keyboard itself inside is easy to open and we get our first look at the Havit Lammergeier gaming keyboard ( which come in a protective bag ) and fits snug in the box with the USB cable and manuals all tucked away nicely under the keyboard.

Although there is a nice image of the keyboard on the outer sleeve this does not justify how  the Havit Lammergeier gaming keyboard look’s. 


Looks And Software


The Havit Lammergeier gaming keyboard has a great layout for gamers, employing the G macro keys while gaming is so easy to reach.  On the left while using WASD as our direction keys in game we have our little pinkie hovering over the macro keys, taking advantage of players using the macros we set with the software provided really was a lot of fun.



The wrist/palm support which is there to help stop repetitive strain injury symptoms we find to be a great feature, this clever fixed positioning  made for comfortable gaming sections. Although we found the wrist/palm support to be set perfect for us while gaming we feel it would be better if there was a way to make it adjustable.


We are very impressed with the high grade braided USB cable, the quality of braided cables is a large positive for us, which will be on show all the time.


11246473_10153178558621839_4581119141537685251_n (960x540) 11193225_10153178558511839_8426985477461306896_n (960x540) (2)

Here are a couple of examples of the backlit LED’s, we did find it difficult to get the brightness on the backlit key high enough, although some adjustments with the myriad of colour settings in the software we found the brightest hues we could possibly make.


Havit have made sure we have a plethora of options with their software, brightness, LED colours, macro’s, response time and poll rate.  In the image on the right there is an example of how to set the many differing shades that can be mixed together to add you’re own personal touch, this is also where we noticed the brightness of the LED’s.  With a myriad of adjustments to the colour settings we can achieve very  bright keys.  The latter is in fact not the problem but the clear plastic letters on the keys have a blue tint when setting all the LED’s to white,

There is plenty for us to read in the User Manual and Customer Satisfaction booklets ( the manual is only printed in English ) but there is a download section here



So what do we think about the HAVIT Lammergeier Gaming Keyboard? 

The design is very eye catching with it’s brushed aluminium splash guard, along with the sectioned black plastic around the edge. This breaks up the keyboard and really shows off the splash guard.  Typing on the keyboard is very responsive and quiet so much so that the mechanical keyboard (that was used previously) is now sat abandoned. The  macro’s colour settings and media keys are so easy to set up with the software that is bundled with the keyboard . We feel that it would be very beneficial to customers if these tables were added to the software disk as a PDF file.


All this awesomeness are not without its detractions though as the white lettering is hard to see, unless one is positioned directly above the keyboard. In addition the consumer has to spend some time adjusting the backlit keys in order to obtain the correct hue and brightness.

In addition a link to the above can be provided Havit colour tables.



  • Price
  • Brushed Aluminium splash guard.
  • Backlit Keys also see cons
  • Stunning Design.
  • Easy installation
  • Near silent keys
  • Did we say price ?sorry but it’s so good we said it twice!


  • White lettering on to Aluminium is hard to see unless directly above the keyboard.
  • The Backlit keys could be brighter.
  • Feet could do with rubber ends to absorb vibration while typing. 

All in all the HAVIT Lammergeier Professional Gaming Keyboard is excellent value for money the U.S layout is only $58.99  ( at the moment ) on Amazon, the amount of features and options on the keyboard are amazing and especially for a membrane keyboard.

Although we do love this keyboard there is a few design flaws which we feel are negligible. We did have to play with the colour codes in order to find the correct hue which were bright enough so our monitors did not overpower the backlit keys. The labeling for M1/M2 Caps Lock ( and so on ) is white on top of aluminium which is very hard to see and the feet on the back of the keyboard could do with rubber on the end in order to put a stop to any vibrations. Putting everything into consideration  all the features with the addition to price and how it looks we have given the  HAVIT Lammergeier Gaming Keyboard a score of 8.9 out of the maximum 10.  We have awarded the keyboard with our Silver Award.


HAVIT UK Facebook

HAVIT Facebook

Where to buy  U.S

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Author: Barry Bradshaw.

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