Gadget Review: PowerColour-VGA PowerJack

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In the modern age of high performance computer systems, it looks to the casual eye that graphics cards are drawing more current from the power supply. As a result the aforementioned component is getting hotter with each passing generation. A good example of this would be the Nvidia GTX480 Graphics Processor Unit.  At the same time manufacturers are forced to take increasingly drastic and creative measures in order to effectively cool the component down. As a result the heatsinks grow larger and the fans are becoming louder. However the cards; to some are still too warm or LOUD for those whom like less-heat or for overclocking enthusiasts for example. A simple way around this would be either to install a higher performing third-party heatsink or an even more esoteric way would be to utilise a water cooling block.

However the above measures add a great deal of weight onto the graphics card and can often bend the Printed Circuit Board. This is due to the sheer weight of the copper used in the heatsink or water block. There are very few ways of dealing with this in an effective way that are readily available to consumers; whom have no wish or the time to manufacture their own. This is where the ‘tul’ cooperation comes into play; which is more commonly known as Power Colo(Power Colour in English)

Can Power Colour pull this off in an effective and yet simple manner? Let us read on and find out.

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