Best CPU Cooler – AM3 Review

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Prolimatech Mega Shadow

What can be said that hasn’t already been said across the interwebs? This cooler currently touted as the best air CPU cooler on the market. It took the crown off Thermalright’s TRUE and is the choice of many enthusiasts today. This is an upgrade over the original Megahalems. You must ask yourself though – Is this Mega Shadow worth the extra £20 over the original? Some reviews have only seen a 1.C difference in favour of the Mega Shadow. At £20 extra for that difference, some may say isn’t worth it.

*NOTE – The following pictures were taken from Prolimatech’ image gallery due to our pictures being corrupted & the camera failing.

6 huge heatpipes, minimized air resistance between fins optimized for lower RPM fans around 800-1200RPM, wide fins to maximize the best air to surface cooling rate, and heatpipes arranged in a straight line to stop any back draft allowing the air to pass through freely and disperse heat faster. The Mega Shadow is a stunning piece of hardware to behold. The black anodized aluminum is a nice touch and looks great!

The mounting kit is wonderful with regard to AMD. In our opinion, it’s better than the Thermalright’s. It feels solid, and you know you’re getting the best contact possible on the CPU. Like Thermalright, it can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical orientations. However, unlike Thermalright’s kit, this kit took all of two minutes to install. Such an easy but strong design. Bear in mind, even with all this praise, Prolimatech doesn’t provide AMD users with it out of the box. It ships with Intel 775/1156/1366 only.

The base of this cooler is great. Flat and shiny. Not quite as good as the Venomous X in terms of how shiny it is, but still very smooth.

Out of the box you get a nice accessory kit full of all Intel mounting that’s separated for easy use in bags. Like Thermalright, they have used a similar design with regard to mounting the heatsink for each Intel platform.

A detailed manual on how to install the cooler in 4 different languages is provided, some PK-1 TIM, and 4 fan clips for push/pull configuration of 2 fans. Note, the fan clips don’t support 120x38mm fans (unlike the Venomous X).

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