When Losers, LOSE it!

Corsair, a friendly and reputable company, tried to give back to the community by organising contests which promote their company and to give a sense of community spirit. For those whom are unfamiliar, Corsair are an American company that manufacture quality memory and water cooling units, and are one of the few companies that actually listen to the consumer.

Lately Corsair decided to give back the good feeling and team spirit of which it fosters within its community by starting a contest based around an American theme. The object was to design a T-shirt based on the aforementioned and submit the results. However, the team spirit and fun dies a little when individuals submit comments such as what is shown below.

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When the honour and integrity of a company has been questioned like this, then as an Independent review site we have to take a stand. The contest appears to be a great, team spirited and community driven project, which it so openly shows. When entrants such has the above unfairly accuse and undermine the reputation of good companies, all for the reason that they lost a contest, then one has to ask the question, “Is it worth it?” The answer would be a resounding YES as entrants such as the above are few and far between, and both the company and the community stand to benefit from such good relations. It is nice to see Corsair giving back to the enthusiast community and Overclockers Tech wishes to officially congratulate the winner!

If the winner would like to contact our offices in order to discuss designing an OCT T-shirt, we would be ever so thankful.

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