Thermaltake Armor A60 Case Review

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Case designs are subjective in nature, one size does not fit all.  The Thermaltake Armor A60 is aimed at the gaming crowd but we feel the design will appeal to a more diverse group as well.  It has just the right amount of classic design mixed with a little “Bling”.  The front of the case is of a mesh design and features three 5.25 drive bay openings along with a single 3.5 drive bay opening.  All of the drive bays are outfitted with a filter behind the mesh covers.  The front panel area offers two USB connections, one is the standard USB 2.0 and the blue one is the new USB 3.0 Interface.  There are also e-SATA, headphone and MIC connections.  Rounding out the front panel area is the power and reset buttons along with the HDD activity and power LED’s.  The lower section of the front panel is also of a mesh design and features a filter behind the grill.

Looking at the left side of the case reveals a window at the top rear section of the left side panel.  This window is a little larger than some of the other Armor series cases from Thermaltake which we feel is a great addition to the series.  You also have an option to add an additional 120mm fan to the left panel if desired.  In addition to the fan option, the left side panel also has another vented area near the bottom allowing for even greater air flow.  With all the windows and venting going on at the left side of the case it’s easy to overlook one of the A60′s main features, the SideClick EasySwap door.  The door folds inward as you slide a hard drive in to the drive bay, and springs back to a closed position when the drive is removed.

The right side of the case has no ventilation but does have a nice design which continues the look of the case across both sides.  The top of the case is extremely well ventilated and includes a 200mm blue LED fan.  You also have the option of installing two 120mm fans if desired.  The bottom of the case is where you will find the power supply filter which is removable for easy cleaning.  Another difference in this Armor A60 case from the earlier designs is the rubber feet.  The Thermaltake cases we have reviewed in the past had hard plastic feet, it’s nice to see the implementation of rubber feet which really helps reduce vibrations and is easy on surfaces.  The rear of the Thermaltake A60 has yet another 120mm exhaust fan included.  You will also notice the front panel USB 3.0 cable hanging around ready to be plugged in to the back of a motherboard that supports USB 3.0.  If you do not like the way this cable is routed, fear not, it can be routed several different ways to suit almost any build.  There are also two sets of holes for water cooling tubes to pass through, a set at the top and another set at the bottom.  The back of the case also features seven expansion slots, a bottom mount power supply design, and a sturdy area to install the I/O shield.  One last feature at the back of the case is a lock down bracket for the keyboard and mouse cables which should prevent inadvertent pulling of the cables.

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