Thermaltake Armor A60 Case Review

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As with all the chassis Thermaltake has sent us for review, the case arrived well protected in the box and arrived damage free.  Thermaltake does a very nice job with the Styrofoam blocks as well as the plastic wrap ensuring the case arrives to the consumer in pristine condition.   The box front is decorated with the typical Thermaltake black design proclaiming “Created for Combat”, an obvious attempt to appeal to the gaming crowd.  The front of the box also lets the buyer know that the case is USB 3.0 compatible and features the “SideClick-EasySwap” dock design built in to the left side of the case.

The back of the box is loaded with a more detailed list of the case features such as the case’s air flow, drive bay layout, and internal and external structure information.

Upon opening the box you are presented with a plastic bag containing the user manual and a warranty information card.  Removing the case and Styrofoam from the box reveals the Armor A60 nicely wrapped in a plastic bag.  The presentation of the package contents is well done and will give the consumer the feeling they bought a nice piece of hardware.  Good first impression!

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