Corsair Nova 30GB Review

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The Nova series of SSDs were released by Corsair in 2011 and remains to be the cheapest SATA II SSD on the market today.  Designed for the budget market this SSD comes in two different flavours, 30GB and 60GB. (We have the 30GB here for review). So, with drives of this capacity it goes without saying that you will need a larger mechanical drive to hold any reasonable number of files, never mind a good steam library! If used in a PC that will be used for only surfing the net and that won’t hold many files then it could service as a standalone drive, then the benefit of the silence and low power consumption of solid state would be felt. Otherwise the only benefit of the upgrade is speed.

With the average sequential read write speeds of a standard mechanical drive coming in at about 70Mb/s and 60Mb/s respectively and the Nova SSD claiming 270Mb/s and 220Mb/s it could prove to be a worthy upgrade. Lets see how it fairs.