Coolermaster Centurion 6 Chassis Review

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Here at Overclockers Tech towers we review a great many cases in which many companies claim that their products are ‘Water Cooling Ready’,  however reality often differs from this.  Drilling holes in the back of the case for tubing in/out does NOT constitute a liquid cooling compatible chassis.

 Overclockers Tech are a liquid cooling specialist website, however our frustration is apparent when a myriad of companies are vying for the top spot-erstwhile skimping out on essential features, such as water cooling control, lack of a eight-pin EPS hole and so on. At the risk of repeating ourselves  we will send a general message to chassis manufacturers out there.

Drilling holes in the back of your product and then installing rubber grommets inside of them does NOT  make a chassis water cooling ready!

Enter Coolermaster

A company with a great reputation in listening to its customers and in all honesty this company has not produced a single ‘Lemon’ in all its time that we have been reviewing their products. Granted we want to see more Coolermaster case products support water cooling from the outset, however the former-mentioned company looks like it is doing very well.

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