XSPC RASA CPU Water Block Review

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Summary and Conclusion

Both products do well, however it is hard to ignore how effective the XSPC block is! On idle and full load tests, the XSPC block is between one and two degrees higher performance than that of the heatkiller. With Core zero showing the largest increase, whilst core two has the smallest. Still being a degree higher performing than the product fromWatercool.One must also realise, whilst the pricing is not yet finalised XSPC have mentioned that it will be only slightly more expensive than that of the previous generation the Delta V3 block. The only criticism I could lay at the feet of XSPC, is that of the thermal compound used, as that is of the cheap generic variety. However performance is where it counts and this block is certainly hard to beat. This reviewer only regrets not having sufficient time to test in an overclocked environment.


  • Easy Mounting
  • Effective Cooling
  • Performance
  • Comes with its own backing plate (Heatkiller plate has to be purchased separately)
  • Price (but to be confirmed)
  • Wonderful Engineering
  • Able to fit Compression Barbs


  • Generic Thermal paste
  • Intel Only (but AMD due soon)

Based upon these results one can find no difficulty in awarding the XSPC Rasa a 9.5 out of ten and therefore earning a gold award.

Author: Gilgamesh

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