Topower Black-X DDR3 1600Mhz Memory Review

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Because we are using a Sandy Bridge platform the overclocking is pretty much limited to the memory ratios available in BIOS. Sure, you can make minor adjustments in the BCLK before stability issues become a major problem but we decided to just set the divider to 1866 and see if we could get that stable. Topower states this memory is overclockable and they were right! It took a little effort but we were able to get the memory stable enough to run the full battery of tests again. We needed to boost the memory voltage to right at 1.7v, raise the VCCIO a few notches and set the timings to 10-10-10-27 2T in order to stabilize things, but it was doable. The table below shows the benchmark scores before and after the overclock.




WinRar 3872 3963
Cennebench OpenGL 56.52 56.52
Cinebench  CPU 8.76 8.76
MaxxMem Copy 22592 24732
MaxxMem Read 20643 22687
MaxxMem Write 21764 22406
MaxxMem Latency 50.2 NS 48.2 NS
SuperPI 32M 466.597 Sec 466.024 Sec
SuperPI 1M 8.331 Sec 8.315 Sec
wPrime 10247M 191.927 Sec 191.394 Sec
wPrime 32M 6.24 Sec 6.24 Sec
AIDA64 Copy 21936 24421
AIDA64 Read 19646 21404
AIDA64 Write 22135 22745
AIDA64 Latency 45.4 NS 45.0 NS

The only gains of note were in copy/read/write/latency scores and the WinRar compression test. The rest of the testing showing minimal, if any gains at all. This is due to those tests being more CPU dependent than memory. Still some nice increases in the AIDA64 and MaxxMem testing were had with the overclocked setting.

Of course everyone’s system is going to be different, but we suppose with some tweaking and a little patience these Topower Black-X modules can be made to run very stable at 1866Mhz on just about any system.

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