Thermaltake Tt eSports Saphira Gaming Mouse Review

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Once everything is removed from the box, we get our first look at the Saphira up close. The USB cable is completely sleeved and the mouse is all black in color. Along with the mouse is a padded nylon pouch to be used for transporting the Saphira from place to place. there are also a couple dragon logo stickers included along with an aiming guide sticker for your monitor.

The rubber sides of the Saphira Gaming Mouse go a long way towards a secure feeling while moving it around, especially in intense situations. The mouse as a whole is rather large, so those of you with big hands will not dwarf this thing and will find it conforms quite well with your grip. Even if you do not have large hands, you will be able to find a nice comfort zone when grasping the Saphira due to its grooved left and right buttons. Because the programmable buttons are located mid-body, even those with smaller hands will have no problem using the functions on the fly.

The bottom of the Saphira is where you will find the “Weight-In Desigh” behind a removable door. There are five 4.5g weights set inside a rubber holder, which allows for a fully customizable weight option to suit any user. Also located at the bottom area is the 100 to 3500 DPI switch, the 125/500/1000 Hz Polling Rate button, and the Function Lock button. The function lock button is just that, it locks down the side buttons to stop inadvertent actions should the button be pressed.

The right side of the Saphira is null of any features except for the rubber grip. The left side has the two programmable buttons which are set to “next page” and “previous page” by default, but obviously can be changed by using the software. Also on the left side is four lights in a row, these indicate which of the four DPI level you are set at.