Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Azurues Optical Gaming Mouse Review

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Keeping in line with the usual Tt eSPORTS packaging design of red and black, along with a picture of the product, the Azurues box continues on in the same light. The front of the box displays a picture of the top of the mouse, some branding, a few blurbs about FPS battle ready, DPI options and the included weights.

The sides of the box are simply red in color and have branding on them.

The back of the box has a quick mention of features in a multilingual format.

The face of the box opens up like a book with the left side showing the Azurues gaming grade performance specifications and several pictures of the device’s features. At this point, to get at the mouse, you slide the package casing out of the box which reveals the nylon storage pouch sitting on the top. Under the pouch is the warranty policy and the quick start guide. As a side note, the Azurues Gaming Mouse comes with a two year warranty. Under the pamphlets is where you finally come to the mouse itself securely nestled in the plastic casing.

By now you are probably asking what the heck that red target decal is all about in a couple of the below pictures. It’s actually pretty cool and can be used as an aiming guide in First Person Shooter games if placed in the center of your monitor. We guess the best use would be to scope an opponent without the need for the in game cross-hair. Cheating??? Heck no! We would rather call it an eSPORTS advantage!