Thermaltake Dr.Power II Universal ATX Power Supply Tester Review

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Now that we have the Dr. Power II un-boxed, lets have a closer shall we? Starting at the front face you get a good look at the size of the LED screen which measures approximately 1-3/8″ tall X 1-7/8″ wide. Some Thermaltake branding is also present on the face of the unit.

The back side of the Dr. Power II has the unit’s name, part number and a notice telling the user to make sure and plug the 20/24 pin connector into the unit for it to power up and function correctly.

The back of the Dr. Power II also has some raised molded wording to show the user where each type of connection should be made.


Moving along to the top of the Dr. Power II we see the power lead connection points for the PCI-e (red) 6 or 8 pin, 4 pin Molex, 4 or 8 pin CPU AUX power and SATA. The bottom of the tester is where the main 20/24 pin connector is located.

The two sides of the unit do not have much to show or talk about other than the power-on button which is located on the left side.

Read on as we show you how to operate and use all of the functions of the Thermaltake Dr. Power II !!!