SGT Cage (Writer and Site Developer)

I have a long standing relationship with technology, 3 decades of information and head scratching, I still have my own hair though. I’ve been building computers since 1980 when i got my ZX80 Kit, it was just under £80 (I think Sir Clive Sinclair had a thing about the 80’s lol) it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that i found the world of case modding, I have done a few mods since then but nothing spectacular (Yet) In 2004 I found the joys of liquid cooling with a kit from Asetek called the WaterChill Antartica, I had to modify the pump right out of the box because it made an awful whining noise.
I am a professional graphic designer, with almost 2 decades under my belt, i consider myself a casual artist and an avid Photographer. when I am not dealing with technology I like to go fishing (Yes real fishing in the great out doors)

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