Patriot Viper Extreme Performance 6GB DDR3 PC3-12800C8 Review

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This kit is priced (at the time of writing) at £150 Inc VAT which is fair to say is a storming price for a kit that can overclock 400MHz with some decent timings so you won’t need to worry about limiting your overclock and having to buy some more expensive memory, or settle for slower speeds at a lower ratio. If it wasn’t for the recent memory price increase last month, these modules would be a steal! It’s not as quite as good as Crucial’s Ballistix Tracers that are rated the same both speed and latency, but they cost a good £30 more.  With stock voltage and speeds, the kit we feel should have done better, but for the price you can’t really go wrong. Better still, this kit comes with a full 10 years of warranty – feel free to go a bit mental with them!

With tall copper heatspreaders, the memory kept cool throughout usage on our testing both stock and overclocked. Looking at the results with Everest latency, it would appear there may well be an anomaly with the Patriot Vipers at 2000MHz 9-9-8-24 scoring a cool 37.8ns over the Tracer’s 42.6ns at tighter 9-8-7-24 timings. However both kits were run under the same conditions and the same amount of times with the end result always the same. However this wasn’t the same with MaxxMem or SiSandra with the Tracer’s out top as expected.


– Aesthetics

– Overclocking

– Bang for buck performance on X58

– Heatspreaders keep cool

– 10 Year Warranty


– May have height issues with some heatsinks

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