OCZ Solid 2 Solid State Drive Review

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Summary and Conclusion

Value drive performance does not get better than this, one does wish however that we had two drives to test in a RAID Zero configuration! However at just over eighty pounds sterling then this drive is an absolute bargain. The Patriot PS-100 used to sell at £79.99 and in our previous review the only reason why that Patriot drive received a bronze was because of its price! Despite the Patriot drives inherent issues, which are more than just a firmware issue (on hindsight) there is no excuse for Patriot at all. OCZ have shown everyone that they know their business and they also know what the consumer really wants in a drive. It is time for certain other memory manufacturers to step up their game in the value drive department, and should they do so they will have very stiff competition in this sector of the market. Indeed this is how a value drive SHOULD be made, and at this price there should be no reason why this drive should not literally fly off the shelves.


  • Nice packaging
  • Drive is under-stated elegance
  • Super fast performance for its price range
  • Even the 4k read/write times are amazing
  • Price, Price, Price and Price!


On every single review overclockerstech we have one or two low points in a product. In all honesty we cannot see a fault with this product, except for one fact………… We want MORE of them so we can test and use in a RAID Zero configuration.

We see no reason not to award OCZ a nine out of ten for all their efforts into bringing a value drive to the masses. The OCZ Solid 2 not only does what it says on the tin, but does the job well. At the risk of repeating ones self; it does not get better than this!


Author: Gilgamesh

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