Lamptron Warn of Fake Goods

This is an official public statement from Lamptron regarding the unauthorized use of Lamptron intellectual property to reproduce substandard copies of Lamptron products. We appreciate the time invested by online media sources and consumers who have assisted in reporting on this matter. Here at Lamptron we strive for the best in product quality and customer service, and it is with this practice in mind that we are making this official statement regarding the unauthorized use of Lamptron property.

As of January 2012 we have been made aware of the presence of imitation products designed to mimic the look and function of official Lamptron brand products on the retail market. These reproductions have been made with unauthorized use of Lamptron production parts and designs, along with competing materials that may or may not be made of the same quality as used by official Lamptron production parts.

We cannot be responsible for any present risk to the consumer and the hazards these products pose as cannot be overestimated, as these products are not tested and approved by Lamptron certified technicians. Each patented Lamptron design meets or exceeds safety and environmental regulations of each individual country in which we do business.

Our commitment to customer safety is of the highest priority and as options are explored to address this issue, any new information that becomes available will be published via our webpage.

We would like to send a heartfelt thanks to our community of end-users for the feedback and assistance they have provided in this matter thus far and for that help provided we are offering to all major media outlets a chance to visit our production facilities first hand and speak one on one with the owner and staff at the corporate facility of Lamptron with your hotel and flight paid for by us.

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