Lamptron and G-Vans at Loggerheads?


In the computer industry we have seen many situations in regards to rival companies that produce similar products. However nothing has sparked such a heated debate as what is currently present within the website ‘’ A thread with a the sum total of 23 pages (thus far) has exploded into the hearts and minds of modding enthusiasts.

On one side we have Lamptron; which as we all know is an established business and produced many interesting products and on the other ‘G-Vans’ a small company that appears to have a personal vendetta towards the former and by the eye of the customer appears to be stealing Lamptrons designs and customers. Frozen CPU and Performance-PCS, ‘ which are American based companies are also at the centre of this conflageration. Both of the aforementioned companies have been accused of ‘doctoring’ reviews and photographs, with the addition to mis-leading customers. Of this we are unable to comment on an objective basis, however what is concerning is that the companies products (Lamptron and G-vans) are of a similar design and nature. As far as the customer is concerned Lamptron appear to have the ‘edge’ as these products have been available to the public for many years, whilst G-Vans are a new company and appear to be involved (in respect to this site) in some rather ‘shady activitities’

On the main page there appears to be a logo from this website ‘Overclockers Tech’ leading the customer into thinking that we have reviewed their products. In fact quite the reverse is true.

Overclockers Tech would like to go on record that we have never reviewed any of G-Vans range of products and the use of our ‘Gold Award’ Logo on their site is both an infringement of copyright and is false advertising! As such a legal ‘Cease and Desist letter’ has been sent by our offices to their sales team in order to have our logo taken off the G-Vans site, as we feel that this is indeed mis-leading to the most important element of all ‘the customer’

When situations such as the above happen, there can only be one loser and that will be the previously mentioned customers. We wish for this situation to be resolved for the end-users sake forthwith and that OCT will not hesitate to take legal action against ‘g-vans’ if the said logo is not removed.

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