Lamptron FC Touch Fan Controller Review

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Operating the Product

Using the product was simplicity in itself, press the power on button which happens to be a part of the touch panel. Adjusting the fan speed is carried out by pressing on the required fan number and sliding the bar for the fan speed up and down. It must be noted that sliding the fan speed, adjusts that volts supplied as this is how all fan controllers operate. We attached a total of EIGHT fans to one channel with no adverse effects other than (for example) on channel six the fan icon no longer rotates even though the fans are working perfectly. There is an indicator to adjust the fan speed automatically or to manually operate by the aforementioned slider. To the right are the temperature readouts-should the thermal probes be attached. The bottom left is the function to adjust the brightness of the display.

Below we have attached a video overview of the fan controller in order to visually demonstrate how it operates.

That’s it for operational use and it is as simple as the video shows. Next up we have the conclusion of the Lamptron FC Touch Review