EVGA X79 FTW Motherboard Review

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Keeping with the traditional EVGA packaging style, the X79 FTW comes boxed in a black and red themed box. The front has “X79 FTW” in large print on it, as well as reference to the USB 3.0, SATA III/6G, and PCI Express 3.0 support. Four icons at the bottom of the box front have the Intel and Nvidia branding.

The back of the box is loaded with product information and key features, which will be listed below in the specifications. The back of the box is also dotted with several icons depicting the 3-Year warranty (can be extended for a fee) and the available 24/7 tech support. The available EVGA online community opportunities such as SoNet, Mods Rigs, and Gaming are also highlighted.

The four sides of the box explain the box contents, more key features, and some additional branding.

Beginning the unboxing process, you are immediately greeted by a sticker applied to the inside stating that EVGA offers direct customer service and there is no need to return the item to the store where it was purchased. Inside the outer box is a much heavier duty, all black box, which houses the motherboard and all the accessories. Upon opening the inner box, you find the visual installation guide, the user manual, the driver CD, and lastly, a nifty little case badge.

Sitting on top of the motherboard is another two sectioned box that is home for all the accessories included in the X79 FTW. Here is the run down of everything contained in the box:

  • X79 FTW Motherboard
  • Driver Installation Disc W/ EVGA E-LEET
  • Rear I/O Shield
  • 2 SATA 3G Data Cables
  • 2 SATA 6G Data Cables
  • 2 SATA Power Adapters (Four Pin Molex to SATA)
  • 2 port USB / 1394a Firewire Port Bracket
  • 2 Port USB 3.0 Bracket
  • Flexible SLI Bridge (3.5 Inches)
  • 3-Way SLI Bridge (3.25 Inches)
  • 3-Way SLI Bridge (4 Inches)
  • Visual Installation Guide
  • User Manual
  • Case Badge

Once past all the accessories, we get to the EVGA X79 FTW motherboard, which is wrapped in a large anti static bag. The board rests on a foam bed when sealed in the anti static bag to guard against damage during transit.

Next we will go over the features and specifications of the EVGA X79 FTW, and quite a list it is!

12 Phase PWM Cleanest variable power switching
PCI-E Disable Switch Quickly and easily troubleshoot
E-LEET Tuning Utility Adjust your overclocking in OS
Triple Bios Support Use three separate profiles
Right Angled 24 Pin Improved cable management
Onboard Bluetooth Wireless input and data connection
EZ Voltage Read Points Easy read dedicated read points
Onboard CPU Temp Monitor Monitor CPU temps quickly and easily
Passive Chipset Heatsink No fans, lower noise, longer lifespan
Dual 8-Pin CPU Power Optional 8-Pin provides up to 600W
100% Poscap Capacitors Higher quality, longer lifespan
DIMM Disable Switch Quickly and easily troubleshoot
Higher Gold Content Lower inductance, better power delivery


Key Specifications
Supports Sandy Bride-E (Enthusiast) CPU Intel X79 Chipset
Enthusiast Layout Supporting 2-Way SLI, 3-Way SLI,
3-Way SLI + PhysX and CrossfireX
4 DIMM Quad-Channel DDR3 2133+
(Up to 32GB)
PCI-E 3.0 Ready 5 PCI-E Graphics Expansion Slots
1 PCI-E X1 Slot 10 USB 2.0 (2 Rear – 8 Onboard)
10 USB 3.0 (8 rear – 2 Onboard) Onboard Bluetooth
2 SATA III / 6G Ports 4 SATA II / 3G + 2 eSATA (rear)
1 Firewire 1394a Port (Onboard) 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000)
8-Channel High Definition Audio + Optical E-ATX Form Factor


Detailed Design Specifications
Supported CPUs Intel Core i7 Socket 2011
Socket Type LGA2011
PCH Intel X79
DIMM Qty 4 DIMM Slots
Memory Type DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600/1866/2133+
Memory Capacity 32GB
SATA II 3.0Gb/s Ports/Controller 4 / X79 PCH
SATA III 6.0Gp/s Ports Controller 2 / X79 PCH
E-SATA 3.0Gp/s Ports/Controller 2 / Marvell 6121
Raid Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD
USB 2.0 Ports/Controller 10 / Intel X79 PCH
USB 3.0 Ports Controller 4 / VLI VL800=Q8
Network Speed 10/100/1000
Network Ports/Controller 2 / Marvell 88E8059
Audio 8 Channel HD Audio
Audio Controller Realtek ALC898
PCI-E Slot Arrangement 1×16, 2×16 or 3×8
PCI=E x16 Mechanical SLots 5
PCI-E x1 Slots 1
Software EVGA E-LEET Tuning Utility
Fan Headers 7
Dimensions Width: 10.375in (263.5mm)
Length: 12in (304.8mm)
Form Factor: EATX

You may have noticed under the PCI-E slot arrangement listed above that three graphics cards run at 16X8X8, which only adds up to 32 lanes. There are 40 lanes available with the Sandy Bridge-E platform, so we are not quite sure why EVGA implemented this limitation. Under a 40 lane atmosphere, a 16X16X8 configuration would be possible and increase performance in a Tri-SLI configuration. If you use two cards in SLI then this limitation is a non issue because two cards will work at 16X16. The 32 lane limitation will not be an issue for the large majority of users, but it is something to be aware of.

Continue reading as we take an up close look a the the EVGA X79 FTW…..

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