Coolermaster Storm Sonuz Gaming Headphones Review

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There are a great many headphones in the world today, ranging from the budget range that sounds akin to a myriad of peas in a tin (whilst being violently shaken) to that of the ear drum rupturing kind. Being a self confessed audio boffin this reviewer likes to check out these sort of things and examine any given product for quality of sound reproduction. We at Overclockers Tech appreciate a wind range of music from Mike Oldfield to that of Heavy Metal so it is with some curiosity we review the latest product from Coolermaster Storm.

Company Background


Normally here we would copy and paste (with Havard referencing ofcourse) the company profile that is standard on their site. However let us be honest with each other, we all know whom Coolermaster are and even their multiple award winning ‘Storm’ products. However as a general rule Coolermaster have produced some solid products and here at Overclockers Tech, we have reviewed a great many with all of them either obtaining a Gold or a Silver. It is expected that a company shall produce a lemon every once in their history, however so far we have yet to encounter that. As usual with our ‘blunt’ charm and honesty we take a look at the Coolermaster Storm Sonuz headphones.