Cooler Master NotePal Ax

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Today we are lucky enough to have the NotePal Ax notebook cooler from CoolerMaster for review.

Since the boom of notebooks in the 21st century, the accessory market has become very competitive. Manufacturers attempting to offer both quality and a good price often find themselves in a no win situation. CoolerMaster’s recent attempt at a quality Notebook cooler at a good price point is what we will be exploring today. Notebooks and Laptops in general are bursting with features which are tightly packed in a small portable unit. Obviously the result of the compact size leads to reduced lifespan of the components due mostly to the poor airflow designs. Overheating of a notebook will cause a multitude of problems including crashes, freezing and blue screens. Companies such as CoolerMaster are trying to combat this problem and have developed products to help reduce and eliminate overheating issues.

Companies and their employees rely on their notebooks and laptops to perform their jobs and they are important tools in today’s business world, largely because of the portability which allows people to perform job functions basically anywhere at any time. The CoolerMaster NotePal Ax is not the first Notebook/Laptop cooler they have produced and with their other models performing well it will be interesting to see if CoolerMaster has again lived up to it’s name.

Company background

CoolerMaster was established in 1992 with the aim of providing the industry’s best thermal solutions. Since the company was established CoolerMaster has had tremendous growth over the years and now offers a wide range of products, including cases, power supplies, and server cooling. All of CoolerMaster’s products are designed to offer the best cooling solution possible at a reasonable price.

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