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Gilgamesh Ever-changing Rig

Specifications: Lian Li PC-8000 Chassis heavily modified. Core I7 3960x 2011 pin CPU 16 Gigabytes of Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer Ras, Nvidia GTX 590 BlackIce SR1 420MM xspc RX 360MM (Both hand painted a tarnish bronze) Mayhems DT5 NOZ MSI XPOWER 2 Motherboard X79 Corsair AX 1200 WATT PSU 250GIG Samsung EVO 240GIG FULL SYSTEM […]

Christopher Cressey (Gilgamesh)

Gilgamesh comes from the land ‘what he terms as’ where men are men. This place happens to be in Yorkshire, UK which has the famous ‘Ilkley Moor’. Yorkshire is as ancient as the land itself and has many stone circles, ancient roadway and historic towns. For those whom are from the USA and abroad, Yorkshire […]

SGT Cage (Writer and Site Developer)

I have a long standing relationship with technology, 3 decades of information and head scratching, I still have my own hair though. I’ve been building computers since 1980 when i got my ZX80 Kit, it was just under £80 (I think Sir Clive Sinclair had a thing about the 80’s lol) it wasn’t until the […]

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